For more than 30 years, Weber, through it’s various brand names, is responsible for delivery exceptional quality door and window hardware.

In mid 1970’s, our founder, Simon Cheung and his brother Stephen Cheung started their retail business of architectural hardware in Hong Kong trading under the name ‘Union Hardware’.

During the mid 1980’s, they grasped the opportunity to invest in the opening markets of China and started to export our Chinese manufactured products to South-East Asia, Australia and many European countries. During this period of rapid growth, they expanded to Australia and established a wholesale business in Sydney.

Weber was established in 2010 to cater to the growing market of high performance window and door hardware.

Throughout this experience, our quality control and culture has excelled and has been recognized by our global partners. Following the successes of the business, currently Weber is a manufacturer, importer, exporter and wholesaler of Door and Window hardware.

Weber has obtained a high reputation in both local Hong Kong and international markets.  In Hong Kong, we have supplied our door and window solutions to many well known residential and commercial projects. Internationally we supply Weber product and provide manufacturing and OEM/ODM services to many globally recognized companies.

At Weber we envision the future and we have a clear sense of market trends. We strive to develop products and provide services of the highest excellence yet at competitive and reasonable prices. In doing we hope to become one of the best performing companies in Hong Kong and create an enjoyable experience for all stakeholders of our supply chain.


In each stage of our supply chain, every process is carefully designed and monitored for performance and consistency ensuring Weber excellence and quality.

Weber’s various business units work closely with our partners to deliver exceptional user-experiences and best in class products.

We start every project with our design-driven approach and ‘constant evolution’ philosphy.

Throughout the entire product development life cycle we pay meticulously close attention to customer goals, business needs, product metrics and performance.

Weber is an integration of professional service and excellent products.


Weber’s Door and Window hardware solutions are designed to suit different global applications. Our design philosophy of ‘constant evolution’ is a constant drive to refine, enhance product performance, good looks and manufacturability. Our dedication to making the best hardware has gained us recognition with both global and local architects, developers and business partners.


Weber partners with laboratories in Australia, Hong Kong and China to test our products to the strictest standards. Harsh environment conditions and repeated usage can be simulated through a range of accredited tests.

The network of laboratories we work with ensure that Weber Hardware Systems can be tested and further developed to ensure compliance with local and global building codes and relevant industry standards.



‘The only thing that is constant is change’.

Our design philosophy of ‘constant evolution’ is a constant drive to refine, enhance product performance, good looks, manufacturability and everything else we do. Innovation needs not only focus on processes, design and manufacturing but also on sustainability and our social impact to the world.


‘Do what you love and you’ll never work another day in your life’.

We are insanely passionate about everything we do. Each detail is not too small and each experience is something that makes us better. Everything is important to us. We set high standards so that we can exceed them! Passion is what drives us and what makes us different!


At the core of each relationship is trust. That foundation is mutual respect, sincerity and a positive attitude to do what is right. This is our cornerstone. We are committed to the highest performance and excellence on behalf of our customers. We derive our greatest sense of accomplishment from doing this and what is right, not what is satisfactory. We keep our word and if we make a mistake we make it right.



We are audacious, willing to continually step out of comfort zone and accept new challenges. Breaking through the paradigm and sustainable improvements are how we will grow together with our supply chain and our customers.

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